The Crown of Rejoicing — Part 1

Series: Six Crowns

Speaker: Bishop James E. Collins

June 5, 2022

Bishop James E. Collins

Presiding Bishop

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Six Crowns
The Crown of Rejoicing
I Thessalonians 2:11-20


I. Who Will Receive the Crown of Rejoicing

  1. The Crown of Rejoicing will be rewarded to  who were rightly motivated.


  1. The Crown of Rejoicing will be rewarded to  who have led others to Christ.


II. Some Musts For the Church to Win the World To Christ

  1. The Church must awaken to the reality of the  of the hour.


  1. The Church must understand  the warfare is against.

         1) The warfare is not against  and .


         2) The warfare is not against , , nor  powers.


  1. The Church must recognize the  of our warfare.


         In our warfare there are two constants and one variable:

            1) Jesus’ position of  over Satan and his demons is constant.

            2) Jesus’ position at the    of the Father is constant.

            3) The variable is the position of the  versus the demonic forces.


  1. The Church must be motivated by .


  1. The Church must embrace .


III. The Conclusion of the Matter

  1. Every Christian is called to  the Crown of Rejoicing.


  1. The greatest  and act of  is leading others to Christ.


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