Where We Stand

At Eagle Heights Cathedral, we believe all matters of faith and conduct must be evaluated based on Holy Scriptures, which is our infallible guide as in II Timothy 3:16-17, 4:3.  With appropriate humility and holiness before the Sovereign LORD, sincere Christians acknowledge that other like-minded believers may feel greater freedom in regard to so-called debatable matters, especially when participation is occasional and not regular behavior.  Nevertheless, Christians are called to recognize the weightiness of decision-making regarding participation in many modern activities of concern not directly addressed in the Bible.  There may be an unintended or unknown example set that leads others within one’s sphere of influence into risky behavior.  One’s witness to the world may fall short of the intended example, failing to inspire a responsible work ethic and conscientious biblical stewardship of another believer.

When making moral judgments, we must remember scriptural warnings against depending on our own reason or even personal experience and situations to discern the truth as in Proverbs 3:5-6.  Let us qualify by saying all sin is sin. While some sins carry more weight than others, in that consequentially it has a higher price to pay, in the eyes of God it is all sin.  The gossiper, the alcoholic, the thief, the liar, the sexually immoral are all equally as sinful.  In line with this standing, we believe as Christians, we are to love one another equally and without bias.  There may be times where active sin will discount someone from service in ministry or deny them clearance to operate in a leadership capacity until one has repented and found reconciliation through Christ.  Eagle Heights Cathedral welcomes everyone to worship, be fed a true and uncompromised Word, to discover who God is on a personal level and be blessed by the opportunities for fellowship the Body of Christ has to offer.

For more information the position of Eagle Heights Cathedral in regards to sin, visit https://ag.org/beliefs or register for our Core Connection Class.