How Can I Grow?

Thriving in the Kingdom is about having a living, active, daily relationship with Christ.  After you have confessed your sins and accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior, there isn’t a specific formula or a button you can push to open the doors to an abundantly blessed life.  But there is an honest relationship to maintain that requires daily investment and participation from the believer.  There are three essential things you can do that will help you navigate your walk with Christ:

Consistent participation in corporate worship

Coming together in worship is a mandate of God, purposed to bless us, not burden us.  Worshiping with others is a privilege and honor.
     Hebrews 10:24-25;  Matthew 18:20

Connection to others through service in ministry and participation in church community activities

We were created with a natural need for relationship.  We all have something to give making us stronger when we unite.
     Genesis 1;  Romans 12:4-5;  I Timothy 3:15;  John 15:4

Commitment to personal responsibility for the maturation of your own relationship with Christ

Making time for God outside of corporate worship times and church events is vital to your spiritual lifeline.
   Galatians 6:4-8;  Romans 14:10, 12

Knowing Him intimately will allow you to walk in His peace, understand His will for your life and keep your feet firmly planted in His truth.  You can develop this relationship through:

  • Daily Devotions and time in Scripture

          Joshua 1:8;  Psalm 119:11

  • Prayer time when you not only speak to God but also take time to listen for His voice

          Philippians 4:6;  I Thessalonians 5:16-18;  Jeremiah 33:3

  • Private worship from your heart to the heart of the father

          Hebrews 13:15