Need, Greed, or Seed? | Part 2

Series: Thanks + Giving = The Blessed Life

Speaker: Bishop James E. Collins

February 4, 2024

Bishop James E. Collins

Presiding Bishop

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Thanks + Giving = The Blessed Life
Need, Greed, or Seed?
John 12:1-8


I. God Rewards Good Stewardship



   1. You are not a good steward if you give because you want the .


   2. God is not going to give us more money if we can’t be  with the money he has already given us.



II. Five Thoughts Concerning the Question of Whether You Have Laid Up Treasure In Heaven

   1. A  and  servant?



   2. Where is your ?



       The test is not that of us  money, but rather the test is  money.



   3. Many have got to stop  a  of .


   4. God truly wants to .



   5.  in the Rewarder.


III. Is It Need, Greed, or Seed?



   1. Understanding  vs .

        The words “ ” refer to our needs.


   2. The highest use of money is .



        Three fundamental principles related to seed:

            Principle 1:  begets .



            Principle 2: You reap  you sow.


            Principle 3: Multiplication — You reap  than  you sow.



   3. God is looking for a man He can .


IV. The Conclusion of the Matter

   1. Your  must be changed.



   2. Your  must be submitted.



   3. Your  must be controlled.


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